I’m pleased to share our 2023 Annual Report to the Community and reflect on our incredible achievements last year. Together we can celebrate milestones, express our gratitude, and incorporate the knowledge and experience gained as we continue this progress in 2024.

Last year, we significantly improved our internal processes to position ourselves to serve people better. This included work on our recruitment, hiring, retention, and evaluation processes to ensure we can attract and retain great staff. Additionally, we added an Early Intervention team to meet the growing needs of children and their families. We moved to the Ohio Individual Service Plan (OISP), transitioned our case management database to a new system, and streamlined our records management. While these changes may sound technical and many people may not have even noticed, they represent monumental work by our employees and allow us to provide the highest quality services possible.

Not only did we look internally, but we also strengthened our outreach and community collaborations. Throughout 2023, we worked with local partners to open two specialized housing developments to help us meet critical needs. We deepened partnerships with medical, mental health, and service providers, as well as many other community organizations. We offered a one-day flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinic where we distributed 155 vaccine doses. We connected with new people through our partnership with the 513 Relief Bus at 41 community locations. And we deepened our engagement with families by providing 30 sessions focused on a variety of topics, including our Life Stage Transition Guides, the Future is Now, disability benefits, and more.

Our advocacy efforts also saw great progress in 2023. Our team connected more than 500 people to social groups and community activities, and we worked with several local schools to promote the importance of inclusion. We also created and awarded the inaugural John Romer Advocacy Award, which recognized three local advocates whose work for themselves and others positively impacted their community. In the fall, I was excited to attend the Neighbors in Action Advocacy Summit with more than 100 people, where we had a wonderful evening learning from each other and celebrating together.

Finally, we must recognize the work of many other advocates, family members, providers, county boards, and partners from across Ohio who shared compelling personal experiences and urged state legislators to increase wages for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). These long-overdue increases are critical for the people we support and the dedicated DSPs committed to providing these valuable services every day. I’m grateful to everyone who worked to make DSP wages and other important state budget priorities a reality.

I know there were many more accomplishments, large and small, throughout our agency last year, and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact for people with disabilities and families in Hamilton County. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy our 2023 Annual Report.


Andrew Magenheim