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Services Spotlight

"My SSA helps me connect to resources and find funding for staff who can support me in the community”

Robert Shuemak

Three women smile while standing in an apartment
a woman kneels while playing in the sand with a young boy

For more than 50 years, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services has been an ally and an advocate for people with developmental disabilities (DD). We work with people with DD and their families at every stage of life to identify the supports they need, connect them to high-quality service providers and resources, and help them navigate life transitions like graduating from high school, finding a job, or actively participating in their community.

We provide many different services throughout a person’s life. Throughout 2019 we highlighted some of those services to help you understand what we do and how we empower people to reach their potential and live meaningful lives.

Our Services Spotlight campaign was a yearlong effort to help people understand the ways we support people. It featured stories about early intervention, behavior support, funding, housing, employment, and much more. Click the link below to see all of the Services Spotlight stories.

Services Spotlight was a multi-platform campaign we shared throughout 2019. See more here.