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Housing Stories

In 2019 we launched the Housing Options Guide, developed by a Home Think Tank work group. The guide is meant to help people with disabilities and their families as they plan for housing that aligns with their vision of a good life and meets their unique needs and interests. See the Housing Options Guide here.

Leah and Lynne

Leah Alexander rents an apartment in Oakley. She and her sister, Lynne Calloway, describe Leah’s housing journey and share a tool they’re using as they consider next steps. See the tool from the LifeCourse here.

The Dunford Family

After living together in a single-family home for years, Julie and Mark Dunford purchased a townhouse for themselves, and the condo next door for their son, Alex, and their daughter, Michele. Michele pays her share of rent using a Housing Choice Voucher. Both Michele and Alex have a Stable Account. The funds in these accounts can be used to pay housing-related expenses.  All this helps make this option more sustainable over the long-term. They also use a number of off-the-shelf technology devices to keep in touch across their two homes. 

The Kunick Sisters

Sisters Linda and Debbie Kunick bought a home together many years ago. They share the financial responsibilities and support one another. Owning their own home together is a big part of their plan for a safe and secure future.

The Brown Family

Jennifer Brown and her husband purchased a second home very near their own home. Their son, Richard, moved into the home over 10 years ago. He is well-connected in his neighborhood and enjoys living in his own place. Jennifer, Richard’s mother, has been strategic and intentional about supporting Richard’s successful transition to his own home and to a full life with connections to family, church, and friends. Richard has a Stable Account and the family has established a trust so that when they pass, the trust will own the home and funds in the trust can be used for expenses related to maintaining the home.

These stories first appeared as part of the Housing Options Guide. See more stories like this here.