• Local $80,239,937

    More than 80 percent of HCDDS’ yearly funding is provided by a county-wide property tax levy. Voters must approve the levy every five years. It was last renewed in 2019.

  • Federal $11,429,805

    Federal funding is mostly comprised of billing for Medicaid services provided by HCDDS employees, such as targeted case management services. This category also includes federal grants.

  • Miscellaneous $3,496,726

    Miscellaneous revenue sources are largely comprised of tuition payments from local school districts for students who attend HCDDS schools. It also includes lease revenue from HCDDS-owned buildings and other minor sources of revenue.

  • State $1,344,016

    State funding sources include revenue from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, school revenue from the Ohio Department of Education, and funding for specific local projects.




  • Services Funded in the Community $49,344,339

    HCDDS dedicates most of its budget to funding services for people in the community. This includes paying the required local match for Medicaid Home and Community Based Waivers, residential and housing services, day services, and transportation.

  • Direct Supports for People Served $25,019,816

    HCDDS directly supports people in our community through service coordination provided by Service and Support Administrators (SSAs), the Early Intervention program, Bobbie B. Fairfax School, and Margaret B. Rost School.

  • Other Support for People Served $12,252,670

    Other support includes the Introduction and Eligibility team, employment coordination, case management support, the Major Unusual Incident and Prevention team, provider support and quality assurance, and the ALIFE team.

  • Building and Operations $4,352,872

    Building and operations includes the cost of owning, maintaining, and operating all HCDDS facilities.

  • Administration $3,586,851

    Administration is provided by the Superintendent's office, the Human Resources office, the Finance team, and the Information Technology team.